Sensory Diet Activity Cards

Sensory Diet Activity Cards

Sensory Diet Activity Cards

Sensory diet activity cards contains 53 cards that provides therapeutic benefits, directions and advice to help children meet their sensory needs. These cards have been created by paediatric Occupational therapist Aoife Costello (OT-ABC). 

We have colour coded sections of each category included:

Heavy work and Movement (Proprioception) 

Balance and movement (Vestibular)



Other sensory systems

These cards provide written and visual information on a range of sensory activities and strategies with detailed descriptions of each sensory system and a range of activities that promote sensory integration.

Have you ever noticed your child has a need to move a lot? They may find it difficult to sit still. Or they may chew on a pencil or other non edibles. As human beings we all have sensory preferences but if a child is struggling, it can prevent them to fully engage in everyday activities and reach their full potential. Sometimes it just takes one strategy to help them regulate their sensory system.

For kids with sensory processing issues, these needs can be quite intense. Without exposure to the input they need, they can struggle with demonstrating appropriate behavior, remaining alert, and keeping themselves organised and in control.

A sensory diet is a program of sensory activities kids perform during the day to ensure they’re getting the input their bodies need. An occupational therapist usually designs it but these cards explain what a sensory diet is often made up of and strategies that can help.

Whether the concept of sensory diets is new to you or you’re looking for more information these cards can help. If your child works well with visuals every activity includes a picture on the other side.

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Activity cards explains sensory processing in detail, appropriate for ages 3-18 years. 

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Sensory Diet cards

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Sensory Diet Activity Cards

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