Body Sock

Body Sock

Body Sock

Our breathable Sensory Body Sock is an all round movement, proprioceptive, tactile and deep pressure experience. Once inside, the stretchy material gently resists your movement experimentation.

The resistant walls of the Body Sock provide a tactile means of self-referencing that improves body awareness and assists in developing spatial awareness through balance and resistance.

The Sensory Body Sock encourages creative movement  and can used as part of a sensory diet or just as means of sensory input that can help to relax and calm children by the proprioceptive sensory input. A child does not have to have sensory needs to find benefit from the Body Sock, it is a calming and comforting feeling for all.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small-Medium Body Sock: 47inch long x 27inch wide (normally 3-8years) 

-Large Body Sock: 56inch long x 28inch wide (normally 9+years)

Colour: Grey