Original Balance Board

Original Balance Board

Original Balance Board

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Balance Board is a high strength wooden curved board for children and adults. A traditional Waldorf arch board concept redesigned to be robust. The board is eco friendly and made of sustainable materials, 100% beechwood. 

But more than that, these boards help kids, teenagers and adults develop important skills. Physical skills like spatial awareness, balance, posture, core strength, lower body strength and coordination are developed and practiced with the use of a balance board. Studies have even shown regular use of a balance board can increase attention span and focus in children. All that and kids and adults genuinely enjoy the physical and mental challenge of staying on their balance board.

The balance board also promotes sensory integration. It particularly stimulates the systems tactile, vestibular and proprioception. The boards promote sensory regulation and works on improving the processing of sensory input. Whether your child is over sensitive to sensory input or seeks sensory input, the balance board helps give them the input they need to feel ‘just right’ and secure in themselves. Can be used for children 6+ months to adulthood. Max weight is 200kg. 

The balance board is available in 6 colours.

Dark green
Dark pink

 Size: 90cm by 30cm 

Balance Board Activity Cards: