Balance Movement Cushion

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Balance Movement Cushion

Balance Movement Cushion

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Children who crave movement find it very difficult to concentrate when sitting still. This cushion helps to satisfy this sensory need for movement. The cushion is inflatable  and is smooth on one side and has a “bumpy” tactile surface on the other side. The cushion shape helps balance, encourages proper sitting and correct posture. 

  • Help with poor attention
  • Improve core strength (which is very important for lots of developmental tasks from chewing food to handwriting), also promotes postural control
  • Increase length of time able to tolerate sitting
  • Develop a better sense of balance

Movement cushions give just enough wobble and wiggle to keep children moving without being distracting to other’s around them. That movement actually gives vestibular and proprioceptive input.

The balance movement cushion can also be stood on to work on balance, sensory integration and motor coordination. 

Balance movement cushion is suitable for children or adults who want a helping hand in keeping their focus and attention!

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Customer Reviews

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Balance movement cushion

Such a wonderful tool for my little boy who loves sensory input through his feet and lots of movement.
Impeccable customer service from this business too any time I have bought anything.

Sarah Deane
Balance movement cushion

Exactly what we needed . My daughter loves it. Really helps her

Balance movement cushion

Absolutely brilliant my son loves it

Rachel Murray

Haven't received item

Kellie Pierce
Best cushion for my very active 6 year old

Meal times for my 6 year are so much better as she gets the movement she needs and stays at the table longer .