Sensory Living Floor Stickers

As an Occupational Therapist, Aoife Costello, the creator of Sensory Living Paths by Occupational Therapy ABC has worked extensively with schools, teachers, parents and caregivers to formulate all the major motor skills and sensory regulatory activities into these wonderfully fun paths. It has been proven time and time again in research children need movement and brain breaks throughout the day to function at their best and be able to engage, give attention and focus on tasks. These paths are ideal for children who struggle with motor skills and sensory processing but provide benefit for children of all abilities. The idea is to incorporate the major motor skills that are needed for everyday life while allowing the child to receive important sensory input in the form of vestibular, proprioception and tactile stimulation along the way. Not only do these paths help with sensory regulation and motor skill development but they increase cognition and retention of new information. It has been proven in evidence based research that children perform better in school and can engage better with movement breaks and sensory input. All children need movement breaks and these paths focus on the sequence of movement tasks that give the necessary sensory input in the right format to help children stay at the ‘just right’ level of regulation throughout the day.