Auditory Regulators

Auditory Regulators

Auditory Regulators

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Auditory Regulators reduce background noise without lowering or distorting voices. Ideal for those who struggle with processing speed, auditory processing difficulties, language processing difficulties, over sensitivity to loud noises and those who struggle to work in noisy environments. 

Auditory Regulators include multiple interchangeable ear tip sizes (S, M, L) with every purchase for children (age 2+) and adults. Each set of auditory regulators come with a cord for safe use and a small compact container. 

 Why are auditory regulators different to typical ear plugs?

1. High fidelity auditory regulators take into the account the resonant frequency of the ear so that attenuation of the sound is even across the frequency spectrum, preserving the original musical quality, only quieter. Whereas typical ear plugs/defenders act as a cork in your ear, blocking sound from entering it almost completely.
2. Two settings meaning you can switch the auditory regulators between two different volumes by simply sliding the magnet on the back. One setting removes background noise without distorting voices. The other setting removes noise at a much higher level that might be disturbing to those with auditory sensitivity like the hoover, blender, hand dryer and for those who want to block out noise when sleeping. The two volumes block out a completely different level of noise.
3. Every purchase includes the 3 interchangeable ear tips sizes S M L and an invisible cord.
4. The tip moulds to your ear therefore giving you the perfect shaped ear tip and a comfortable feel. When removed they will go back to there original shape until you place them in again.

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