Mini Suckers

Mini Suckers

Mini Suckers

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Mini suckers with animal suckers included, promote such a variety of skills. 

These new members of the Sucker group are 40% smaller, packed with more pieces (77 pieces), and designed with the addition of a new shape and new colours. The pack also includes animal suckers to build on even more ideas and create lots of fun! 

Just like the originals suckers, much of the thrill is in pushing them together and pulling them apart for that ever so ear-pleasing POP sound suckers make.

They can be stuck to pretty much any flat surface you can imagine. Build them up, out, sideways, around, and any which way you can think of. Just like before, they always stick strong! 

Mini Suckers are all about freedom of expressive construction while boosting fine motor skills to whole new heights. The moment you pick these little suckers up, your hands won't want to stop exploring, experimenting, and endlessly constructing! Suckers can also promote hand strength, upper body strength, problem solving, creativity and work as a ‘heavy work’ work activity to promote sensory integration. 

Mini Suckers

  • A new, smaller version of the original Suckers
  • Encourages fine motor dexterity, visual-spatial skills, expressive creativity
  • 40% smaller, 100% guaranteed fun
  • 77 pieces included in each set - More building possibilities with animal suckers included